Among Us coloring pages

In Among Us coloring pages āļž you will learn this game and you will play as one of the crew members of the ship, which according to the plot has broken down and needs to be repaired. Each player has his own tasks and he must complete them. For example, someone is fixing the wiring, and someone is cleaning the ventilation. In principle, nothing complicated, but the problem is that there is an impostor on the ship and he can kill everyone.

Survivors need to either fix the ship and fly away, or simply find the traitor and throw him into open space, thereby earning themselves a victory. Take a break between games and print unique Among Us coloring pages āļž.

Use teamwork, persuasion, and maybe even betrayal in Among Us coloring pictures, this unique multiplayer online party game in space! Prepare for departure, but beware the Impostor! Complete tasks to hold your spaceship together and return to civilization, but keep an eye out as one or more random players among the crew are Impostors determined to sabotage the ship and kill everyone.

It’s up to the remaining humans to finish their tasks and identify the Impostors to eject them into the abyss. But watch out! The Impostors will use every trick in the book to convince everyone they’re a crewmate, so don’t believe everything you hear. Get your alibi straight or else you might be the one wrongfully ejected! āļž