Happy Feet coloring pages

Happy Feet coloring pages 🐧 is about a heartwarming animated movie that tells the story of Mumble, a young emperor penguin who has a talent for tap dancing but can’t sing like the others. He goes on an epic journey to find his place in the world and save his colony from starvation. One of the joyful ways to enjoy Happy Feet is to color its coloring pages. Coloring pages are printable sheets that have drawings of Happy Feet characters, such as Mumble, Gloria, Ramon and Lovelace, in different scenes and poses.

Happy Feet coloring pages are beneficial for boosting your self-esteem, increasing your attention span and expressing your emotions. You can use any colors you like and make your own versions of Happy Feet moments. Here you will find all the free Happy Feet coloring pages to print and download. Click on the coloring picture you want and save it to your computer, or use CTRL+P to direct print the image, and after use the go back button to search for another printable coloring picture. 🐧

Fun fact: Did you know that Happy Feet won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2007? It was the first non-Disney/Pixar film to win this award. 🐧

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