Pusheen coloring pages

Pusheen coloring pages 🐱 are about a sweet, curious, lazy, & plump tabby cat that loves to have adventures. Her hobbies include blogging, snacking, taking naps, and being a unicorn, mermaid, dinosaur, various wild animals and a trio of pastel aliens on occasion. In a parallel universe with a mysterious connection to our own, Pusheen is a Pug.

The famous cartoon cat Pusheen coloring pages created by Andrew Duff and Claire Belton help kids drawings to develop from an early age.

Pusheen coloring pages are not only for the kids, but also for adults and others fans of this beloved chubby gray cat. Here at cartoon-coloring-page.com we’re providing you with a full collection of free printable Pusheen coloring pages to download, print and color. Have fun! 🐱