Rise of the Guardians coloring pages

Rise of the Guardians coloring pages 🐰 is about a movie that features five legendary characters who protect the children of the world from the evil Pitch Black. They are Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Sandman. Each of them has a special power and a unique look that makes them fun to color.

If you want to color some of Rise of the Guardians coloring pictures, you can find here many free printable coloring pages that show different scenes and characters from the movie. You can see Jack Frost with his icy blue hair and staff, Santa Claus with his red suit and tattoos, Tooth Fairy with her colorful feathers and wings, Easter Bunny with his brown fur and boomerangs, and Sandman with his golden sand and silent gestures.

Rise of the Guardians coloring pages characters

Rise of the Guardians coloring pages 🐰 are about a movie that introduces us to a group of legendary characters who have been chosen by the Man in the Moon to protect the children of the world from fear and darkness.

The Rise of the Guardians coloring pages characters are 🐰:

  • Jack Frost: The newest Guardian, he is a young boy with white hair and blue eyes who can control ice and snow. He is playful, mischievous, and free-spirited, but also lonely and insecure because he doesn’t know his past or his purpose. He is voiced by Chris Pine.
  • North: The Guardian of Wonder, is a burly man with a white beard and a Russian accent who is the leader of the Guardians. He is also known as Santa Claus, and he delivers gifts to children every Christmas with his sleigh and reindeer. He is brave, jolly, and generous, but also stern and serious when needed. He is voiced by Alec Baldwin.
  • Tooth: The Guardian of Memories, she is a beautiful woman with colorful feathers and wings who is also known as the Tooth Fairy. She collects children’s teeth and preserves their memories in her palace. She is kind, caring, and curious, but also anxious and overworked. She is voiced by Isla Fisher.
  • Bunny: The Guardian of Hope, is a tall rabbit with brown fur and an Australian accent who is also known as the Easter Bunny. He delivers eggs to children every Easter with his tunnels and boomerangs. He is loyal, protective, and skilled, but also grumpy and competitive. He is voiced by Hugh Jackman.
  • Sandy: The Guardian of Dreams, he is a small man with golden hair and clothes who is also known as the Sandman. He creates dreams for children every night with his sand and gestures. He is silent, wise, and gentle, but also powerful and fierce. He communicates through sand images.

Together, these characters form a team of heroes who use their powers and talents to fight against Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, who wants to spread fear and darkness to children everywhere. Along the way, they learn more about themselves and each other and discover the true meaning of being a Guardian.