Shazam coloring pages

Billy Batson is Shazam (Who is also called Captain Marvel), a young hero empowered with the gifts of ancient gods by the Wizard. His powers also includes flight, lightning and teleportation and yes he is powerful enough to make Superman bleed.

Shazam coloring pages name is an acronym that comes from the six mythological figures who provide his powers, which are:

S The wisdom of Solomon
H The strength of Hercules
A The stamina of Atlas
Z The power of Zeus
A The courage of Achilles
M The speed of Mercury

Shazams alter ego was running from bullies, gets on train, something magical happens and lightning and voice comes “Billy Baston I chose you”. Train land in cave where the Wizard, the real Shazam, who was dying, grants him the power of Shazam. By saying the Wizard name “Shazam” Billy Barton transform into a magical, muscular adult Superhero Shazam.