Tangled coloring pages

Tangled coloring pages 🌸 is about a Disney animated movie that tells the story of Rapunzel, a princess with long magical hair who has been locked away in a tower by an evil woman named Mother Gothel. Rapunzel dreams of seeing the world and especially the floating lanterns that appear every year on her birthday. One day, she meets a charming thief named Flynn Rider who helps her escape from the tower and embark on an exciting adventure. Along the way, they encounter many friends and foes such as Pascal, a loyal chameleon; Maximus, a determined horse; and the Stabbington brothers, a pair of greedy thugs.

One of the best ways to enjoy Tangled coloring pages 🌸 at home is to print out some coloring sheets of your favorite characters and scenes. Coloring pages are not only fun but also helps children develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and concentration.

Tangled coloring pages you can find here

  • Rapunzel with Pascal: This coloring page features Rapunzel holding Pascal in her hand. She has long blonde hair that flows down her dress. She looks happy and curious as she explores the world outside her tower.
  • Flynn Rider and Rapunzel: This coloring page features Flynn Rider and Rapunzel kissing each other. They are both wearing royal outfits and have smiles on their faces. They are surrounded by flowers and lanterns that create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Mother Gothel: This coloring page features Mother Gothel, the main villain of the movie. She has dark hair and eyes and wears a red dress with gold details. She looks evil and cunning as she plots to keep Rapunzel’s hair for herself.
  • Maximus: This coloring page features Maximus, a white horse who works for the royal guard. He has brown eyes and wears a saddle with blue feathers. He is brave and loyal but also stubborn and funny.
  • The floating lanterns: This coloring page features one of the most iconic scenes from the movie where Flynn Rider takes Rapunzel to see the floating lanterns that are released every year in honor of the lost princess. The sky is filled with thousands of glowing lanterns that create a beautiful sight.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Tangled is loosely based on a fairy tale called Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm? πŸ“š

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