The Bad Guy’s coloring pages

Several reformed yet misunderstood criminal animals attempt to become good, with some disastrous results along the way. Check out all of The Bad Guy’s coloring pages 🐺 below!

After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf 🐺, Mr. Snake 🐍, Mr. Piranha 🐠, Mr. Shark 🦈, and Ms. Tarantula 🕷️, are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull off their most challenging con yet, becoming model citizens.

Under the tutelage of their mentor, Professor Marmalade, the dubious gang sets out to fool the world that they’re turning good.

The Bad Guy’s coloring pages’ storyline

In Los Angeles, where humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist, The Bad Guys, a gang of notorious criminal animals led by the cool-headed Mr. Wolf, commit brazen thefts and successfully evade the authorities due to the public’s interpretation of them as inherently “bad” animals. After being insulted by Governor Diane Foxington on live television, Wolf convinces his gang to pull off a heist to steal a valuable award called the Golden Dolphin from guinea pig philanthropist Professor Rupert Marmalade IV, during his inauguration at a gala. During the heist, Wolf takes some free time to pickpocket various people, but inadvertently helps an elderly woman and is praised for the good deed, leading to Wolf finding himself affected by his wrongdoings. After the gang is exposed and arrested, Wolf persuades Marmalade with Foxington’s approval to reform them, planning to take advantage of the pretense to steal the award again.

Marmalade invites the Bad Guys to his home, but his lessons prove to be a struggle with them, seemingly unable to adapt to the concept of good behavior. After a “heist for good” to rescue a herd of guinea pigs from a research lab fails due to Wolf’s second-in-command, Mr. Snake, eating them, Foxington decides to call off the experiment but relents when Wolf confesses that he despises being hated for his species, with Foxington admitting that she understands him and that she has hope for him. Wolf contemplates the matter and finds himself rescuing a cat from a tree, which Marmalade records and publishes, turning the public image of the Bad Guys around. However, Snake fears he is losing touch with his friend.

When the Bad Guys execute a new heist to steal the award again, Wolf cannot bring himself to finish the plan. Suddenly, a meteorite on display is stolen, causing the Bad Guys to be blamed for its theft. When the gang is arrested again, Marmalade meets them in private and reveals that he stole the meteorite and disguised himself as the old lady Wolf helped earlier to manipulate the gang into taking the blame while Foxington suspects Marmalade. In prison, Wolf explains to his gang that he doesn’t want to be a criminal anymore and that they can be better, but Snake refuses, feeling the world will never change to see them as less than monsters. Wolf yells at him for his stubbornness, infuriating Snake into attacking him until the Crimson Paw, a notorious criminal, rescues them, revealing herself to be Foxington, who reformed when she attempted to steal the Golden Dolphin herself.

Upon reaching safety, the Bad Guys, including a bitter Snake, abandon Wolf for betraying them, but when they return to their hideout, they find it completely emptied of their loot, as Wolf revealed its location to Foxington earlier as compensation for his crimes. After Snake willingly gives Mr. Shark his last possession out of kindness, the other Bad Guys realize that they can change their ways and proceed to help Wolf. However, Snake denies it and abandons them to ally with Marmalade, who plans to use the meteorite to power a mind-control device to hypnotize an army of guinea pigs into robbing charity funds.

Meanwhile, Wolf and Foxington break into Marmalade’s home to steal the meteorite, only to be captured by Marmalade and Snake. Before they can finish off the two, they are rescued by the remainder of the Bad Guys. They then take the meteorite and proceed to foil Marmalade’s plans. After a hectic effort, the Bad Guys arrive at the police station to turn in the meteorite until they decide to go after Snake and bring him back despite his apparent betrayal. During the chase, Marmalade betrays Snake as an advantage, and the Bad Guys risk their lives to save him, bargaining with Marmalade for his safety in exchange for the meteorite.

After rescuing Snake and destroying Marmalade’s mind-control helmet, the Bad Guys surrender themselves to the authorities to prevent Foxington from revealing her former criminal past. Marmalade attempts to take credit for recovering the meteorite, but it is revealed to be a fake planted by a secretly redeemed Snake, having destroyed the real one, which violently implodes his mansion along with it from afar, revealing him as the thief. When the fake meteorite falls on Marmalade, a diamond he stole from Foxington falls out, which authorities recognize as having been stolen by the Crimson Paw years ago; as a result, Marmalade is framed, destroying his reputation and leading to his arrest.

One year later, The Bad Guys are released from prison in light of their good behavior, partnering up with Foxington to begin their new crime-fighting careers.