Aladdin coloring pages

Color Aladdin coloring pages 👻 to discover his and Jasmine’s story. Jasmine is a very rich and beautiful princess. Aladdin lives in an old attic and spends his time stealing food and making fun of the palace guards. He will pretend to be a very rich prince for princess Jasmine’s father and try to win her heart. Besides these Aladdin coloring pages 👻, you can also color other characters such as Abu, Princess Jasmine, Genie, Iago, Jafar, and the Sultan. Do not forget to also set the flying carpet color in these Aladdin coloring pages. Play with Aladdin in this coloring game, a great game for children, and put the colors on Aladdin, a genius but also princess Jasmine. You can leave a comment about these coloring pages, or discover new ones in the same Disney coloring pages category.

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