Frozen coloring pages

Frozen coloring pages ❄️ tells the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who live in the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has the power to create and control ice and snow, but she struggles to control it and fears hurting others. Anna is a fearless and optimistic princess who loves her sister and wants to help her. The movie also features other memorable characters such as Kristoff, a rugged ice harvester; Sven, his loyal reindeer; Olaf, a friendly snowman; and Hans, a charming prince.

Here you will find our collection of Frozen coloring pages ❄️ with all of the characters and scenes from the film Frozen with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. We are sure your little princess will love to color these Frozen coloring pictures! Frozen was designed by the same Disney team as the famous Tangled (Rapunzel). The story is simple, in a fantasy kingdom plunged into ice and cold, young Anna is looking for her sister Elsa, the Snow Queen. To do this, she can count on the help of her friend Kristoff, and his reindeer Sven. Their adventures make them meet with a magical snowman named Olaf!

Frozen coloring pages are a great way to celebrate this wonderful movie and its characters. Whether you prefer Elsa, Anna, Olaf, or any other character from the movie, you will surely find a page that suits your taste and mood. So grab your coloring tools and get ready for some fun! ❄️

Fun fact: Did you know that Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) auditioned for Rapunzel in Tangled but didn’t get the part? She later got cast as Elsa because the directors liked her voice so much.