Groot coloring pages

Groot coloring pages are about a popular character from the Marvel Comics and the Guardians of The Galaxy movies. He is a sentient tree-like creature who can only say “I am Groot” in different tones and inflections. He is loyal, brave, and has a strong bond with his friend Rocket, a genetically enhanced raccoon 🦝.

Groot coloring pages 🌵 are a fun way to express your creativity and love for this unique superhero. You can find many free printable Groot coloring pages here that feature him in various poses and scenes. You can also use your imagination and draw your own Groot coloring pages.

Coloring Grot is a fun and easy way to enjoy this amazing character. You can also share your Grot coloring pages with your friends and family or post them online to show your support for the Guardians of The Galaxy. Have fun coloring Grot and Baby Groot!

The story of Groot coloring pages from The Guardians of The Galaxy movie

Groot is a member of the Flora Colossi, a race of sentient tree-like beings who live on Planet X1. He can only say “I am Groot” in different tones, but he can communicate with other Flora Colossi through a special language of pheromones and light signals.

Groot was originally a villain who came to Earth to capture humans for experimentation. He was later reimagined as a hero who joined the Guardians of The Galaxy, a team of misfits who protect the galaxy from various threats.

Groot has many amazing powers that stem from his dendronic wood body. He can regenerate from any damage, even if he is reduced to a twig. He can also manipulate plant life, grow in size and shape, and extend his limbs to attack or defend.

Groot has a strong bond with Rocket Raccoon, a genetically enhanced raccoon who is his best friend and partner in crime. Rocket is one of the few beings who can understand what Groot means by “I am Groot” and often translates for him.

Groot is very loyal, brave, and compassionate. He has sacrificed himself several times to save his friends and allies, such as when he formed a protective cocoon around them in the first Guardians of The Galaxy movie. He also cares for the environment and dislikes violence against nature.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Groot. He is a very unique and lovable character who has captured the hearts of many fans. If you want to see more of him, you can watch his movies, read his comics, or check out his upcoming Disney+ series I Am Groot.