Tom and Jerry coloring pages

Tom and Jerry coloring pages 🐱🐭 is a popular cartoon series that features the rivalry between Tom the cat 🐱 and Jerry the mouse 🐭. The series is full of slapstick comedy and hilarious chases. Tom and Jerry are always trying to outsmart each other, but they also have moments of friendship and cooperation.

Tom and Jerry coloring pages: A fun way to laugh with the cartoon duo 🐱🐭

Here you can find Tom and Jerry coloring pages of all the main characters from Tom and Jerry such as Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Nibbles, Butch, etc. You can also find coloring pages of different scenes from the series such as Tom chasing Jerry, Tom fishing with Jerry, Tom singing with a guitar, or Tom sleeping with Jerry.

You can color the pages however you like or follow the original colors from the series. You can also mix and match different characters or scenes to create your own stories. You can even add some stickers or glitter to make your coloring pages more amusing.

Once you finish coloring your pages, you can display them on your wall or fridge, share them with your friends or family, make a collage or scrapbook out of them or use them for other crafts such as making cards, bookmarks, or magnets.

Coloring Tom and Jerry coloring pages is a great way to have fun with your favorite cartoon characters and laugh with them. So grab some colors and start coloring today!

Fun fact: Did you know that Tom was originally named Jasper and Jerry was originally named Jinx? The names were changed after a contest held by MGM studios in 1941.

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