Construction vehicles coloring pages

Construction vehicles coloring pages 🚧 are about machines that are used for building or repairing roads, bridges, buildings, or other structures. They can dig, lift, move, or mix materials like dirt, rocks, concrete, or asphalt. Some examples of construction vehicles are bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dump trucks, or cement mixers.

Here you can find construction vehicles coloring pages doing their jobs like digging holes, lifting beams, moving dirt, or mixing cement, or construction vehicles with cute faces or expressions, or some coloring pages that show scenes from construction sites or projects.

Here you will find all the free construction vehicles coloring pages 🚜 to print and download and send to us through website. Click on the heavy machine coloring picture you want and save it to your computer, or use CTRL+P to direct print the image, and after use the go back button to search for another printable coloring picture.

Fun fact: Did you know that the largest bulldozer in the world is the Komatsu D575A? It weighs 152 tons and has a blade that is 22 feet wide.